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(All the names in the case study are changed name as per the publication rule and keeping in confidentiality of the client)

Journey of Aged Woman

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65 years old, Sumita (name changed) has been living at rural area of Surkhet. After her husband’s brought second wife, she used to stay with her son and daughter-in-law but her son and daughter-in-law left her alone. Then she shifted at daughter’s home though she felt uneasy. After few months she had been staying alone. Due to lack of money and resources she started to collect (Kandamul, Githa, Tata, yam (Tarul) andKholisag vegetable from the Jungle and she sold those collected vegetable at the local market. She earned some money, and then she started to collect village product vegetables to sell. She got some cash from the Village Development Committee for survival. After collection of money she started a street shop. She participated in session of violence affected Women and selection of vocational support. Aawaaj has selected her and provided economic support for vocational occupation. She started a retail shop in the market. She came to know her family member and relatives started to love her. She said that “I used to hard work just for food, but now I become a retail businesswoman and I am very much happy and thankful to Aawaaj that has been supporting vulnerable women like me.”

Surkhet residential Sita (name changed) had agreed to do marriage at the age of 14yrs old. She had lured by an un-known boy (person) on getting new cloths, gold ornaments, unconditional love,  stay without any work and ran away with that un-known boy in order to marriage. Her mother Kamala (name changed) knew that situation and instantly, met facilitator of Aawaaj and she requested to do prompt rescue of her daughter. She said, “I knew about early marriage consequences before 2 days with you so, I won’t let my innocent daughter to become victim of this problem. Anyhow please stop my daughter’s marriage.” Aawaaj Facilitator with Kamala went at that place to bring Sita, where she was.

At first, family members and relatives of that boy stop Kamala and facilitator of Aawaaj to meet her. Facilitator told them about problems of early marriage and law against early child marriage. Facilitator adds more; I will forward this case to Aawaaj office as well as district police office. Sita (daughter) convinced with facilitator and return back own home.  Finally, Kamala succeeds to return back her daughter. Now Sita has continued in school.