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Aawaaj is a non-governmental and non-profit social organization established in 1999 by the joint initiatives of professionals with strong hope to demonstrate capacity against violence and discrimination of children and women in Midwestern region, Nepal .

The sexual and domestic violence of young children and women has not yet discussed openly. Although increasing instances of abuse are being reported in newspapers in urban areas, there is a tendency of denying and concealing different forms of violence by the family and community at large in rural areas.

Sexual abuse, exploitation, trafficking, and domestic violence and conflict based violence against children and women are quite interlinked, and sometime exist together. Patriarchy, poverty, unemployment, low literacy, gender inequity, insecurity, lack of awareness about rights and not fulfilling responsibilities are the root causes of violence. There are number of organizations working at the national level, however there is a big gap in the program strategy of donors, government, I/NGOs to work with boys and men against violence on women and children.

It is essential to work with boys and men to prepare better manhood and socialized against such wrong behavior as problems of violence that mostly comes from boys and men at large.Aawaaj.org
Aawaaj focused on three important aspects of human rights “Safe, Strong and Free.” Everyone has these rights and they are indispensable for human life. The basic and the most effective ways of protecting rights are “Say No”; “Go Away” and “Talk to Someone”. CRC and CEDAW are the guiding principles of Aawaaj for the policies, practices and programs related to fight against the violence. Aawaaj has been working with women and children from socially excluded groups to increase opportunities, better access to resources and services, improving social equity and improving environments of existing system at community and government level. On the pretext of pursuing the social norms, powerful people are violating the rights of powerless people especially women and children in the families, communities, institutions and public places persistently. The feelings of powerless that experience such discrimination / violence is hidden and too often unheard so Aawaaj facilitates those unheard voices and aims to break the silence that has been tolerated by women and children through out their life.

Aawaaj efforts made a huge difference in the lives of children and women by mobilizing and activating the existing forums, local groups, and through effective networking. Social mobilization has been proven an effective vehicle to prompt action and to establish social respect and dignity for the children and women who faced sexual and domestic violence . Projects have surprisingly gained confidence on how to deal with such problems at the local context. Aawaaj creates community support mechanisms against sexual and domestic violence and these support mechanisms are created at family and community level to foster a feeling of ownership against violence so that it can be institutionalized within the community system.

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