Aawaaj-breaking the silence

I am Ramu Bastola. I am a student and my daily activity is to study, meet friends and hang around with them. I had participated in five days Community support mechanism training organized by Aawaaj. Before that I had not participated in any of the awareness training.  After five days Community support mechanism training, I participated in one day interaction program with men. I was informed about this program by Aawaaj staff.

I was very happy to know about this training, I felt as if I am getting an opportunity to learn more. At the end of the interaction, it was decided to form men’s group and with the consent of all the people, I was declared as a coordinator of the group.

After being declared as a coordinator, I felt I have lot of responsibility and had a feeling that I have to do something for my community. For my work, I needed further information for which I visited Aawaaj. There I was informed about various things. According to the suggestions that I received from Aawaaj, I am organizing monthly meetings. In this meeting, discussions related to the problems that came in the community and our views are shared. Also discussion is carried on various topics such as how should the constitution be and Women’s rights. In my community, one incident took place; there was discussion between mother- in- law and daughter- in- law, later on their discussion ended up with a quarrel. I informed about this incident to the para counselor and later both Para-counselor and me went to meet them and suggested them. Later on they realized their mistakes and stated that they will not quarrel again.

I am just 22 years there are many senior brothers in our group. In the initial days I had confusion what to do and how to lead the group? But after receiving suggestions from Aawaaj, I developed confidence and preceded my work as a coordinator. I really feel happy now-a-days to work in this group. Now I feel that even I can do something and fulfill responsibility given to me. I got to know my community more closely.

I learned many things after joining the men’s group. Previously, I felt that violence is a simple issue, and only battering is termed as violence. But now I have learned that scolding is also a form of violence. Also, I am informed about the situation of the single women and their legal status.

Now, I have become part of Aawaaj. The staff has given me an opportunity to organize a program but I have not been able, I will organize the program as soon as possible.

Previously, I feared a lot to speak with others, also in the programs I hesitated to speak and keep up my views. But I have overcome this fear; I have learned many things which I want to share with other people in the community. I want to thank Aawaaj for this support and giving me encouragement to move ahead.

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